Waving Goodbye to GFC (+ Follower Love Giveaway)

Well friends, the day is almost upon us. On July 1st, it seems that the Google Reader really will be leaving us and your GFC subscriptions will no longer lead to anywhere you can actually read the blogs. So what can you do?

I have found an alternative that I personally really love:

Follow on Bloglovin

Yes, Bloglovin'. I've been using it for a couple months now and am really enjoying its functionality. I love that I can group the blogs I'm following into sections and only view one group at a time, or everything at once. I think the layout is great, seeing the title, a photo, and the first few lines of each post. I'm really impressed with it, so if you're looking for a great reader alternative to GFC, I definitely recommend Bloglovin'!

It's really easy to switch everything over, too. If you go to their main site, http://www.bloglovin.com/, you can set up an account and it should let you transfer all your GFC subscriptions right over so you don't lose out on any of them! If you need more help, these blogs have created great guides to making the switch: Independent Fashion Bloggers or Miss drifted Snow White

As a little more incentive to find a great way to replace GFC, I've decided to host a little giveaway. This giveaway will only be for blog followers. More specifically, only for people who follow either on Bloglovin or by the tried-and-true method of email. Those are the only two ways to get entries to this giveaway because I'm hoping you all will actually want to keep up with my posts! Follower love! I really appreciate all of you who follow my blog, comment on posts, and all that fun stuff. I know it takes time out of your day and I'm honoured that you choose to spend some of it on my blog. This is just a way for me to say a little extra "thank you" to my wonderful readers.

So what can you win?
Any 2013 release that comes out after the end date of the giveaway, July 12th! That's right, I'll give one winner any pre-order that is available from The Book Depository for under $15 at the time of purchase. This also means, of course, that this is an international giveaway.

Here are some examples of books I would choose (you don't have to pick one of these, they're just examples):

Some Rules (aka the not so fun but important part):
~ Winner can choose any one 2013 book provided its release date is after July 12th, 2013 and it is under $15 CAD at The Book Depository at the time of purchase. If the book isn't available for me to order at the time, I'll ask the winner to choose a different one from the list.
~ This giveaway is open Internationally, provided The Book Depository ships free to your country (check here).
~ Must be 13 or older to enter.
~ Winner will be chosen randomly and contacted via email. The winner has 48 hours to respond to my email, otherwise they forfeit their prize and I will choose another winner, who must abide by the same rules.
~ I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages from TBD.
No cheating! In this case, I have the right to disqualify entries as I see fit.
~ By entering the giveaway, you are agreeing to these rules.

Good luck and thank you for wanting to keep up with my blog!

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  1. I really want Allegiant! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway(s)! I enjoyed reading your blog posts! :)

    1. I knew I had to throw Allegiant in there as an example because a lot of people are anxiously awaiting it, myself included! Thank YOU, Alenette :)

  2. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I gotta agree I really love Bloglovin, too. And it is super convenient since it has a phone app, too! Great blog, new follower (found you through bloglovin).

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

    1. Bloglovin is definitely convenient! And yes, I love the phone app. I can finally keep up with blogs without sitting at my computer all day!
      Thank you :)


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