Stacking the Shelves: A Long Time Coming

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I haven't done a StS post in a very long time, but I recently got back from BEA and figured I'd give you an idea of what I got and therefore what you can expect to see in the coming months. I'll include some of the non-BEA books I've picked up in the past few weeks as well, so this one won't be a short one, but it'll be filled with lots of goodies. Also, I'm not going to name or link every single book because that would take way too long and I really want to get back to reading TARNISH by Katherine Longshore!

BEA/a few Teen Author Carnival books woohoo! TAC goodies include Ink, This Song Will Save Your Life, Tumble & Fall, Scorched, Boy Nobody (below) and Heartbeat. Lots of BEA ones here that I am extremely excited about, especially All the Truth That's in Me (the top of the middle pile that got the flash spot), Vicious, Antigoddess, The Extra, The Kingdom of Little Wounds, and ROSE UNDER FIRE!!!!!!! *flails* I'm also pretty proud of myself because, yes this is my first BEA and yes, maybe I went a teensy bit overboard, but for the most part I stuck to my wishlist. I also was able to bring all my books home in my and the bf's luggage and not go over the weight limit! So I think I did well, overall!
A few more (darn oversized ones) below:

Some of the books from the SimonTeen party, which I talked about in detail here (plus win Just Like Fate!).

Two others from SimonTeen goodie bag: bound manuscripts of Perfect Ruin and When I Was the Greatest! Yay!

Next up: BEA finished copies I lined up for:

(Where It Began actually came from Teen Author Carnival).

Books I bought at NYC bookstore The Strand ($9 hardcovers!):

 For Review:

Thank you, Macmillan!

Thanks to Raincoast Books for Famous Last Words, Simon & Schuster Canada for Smoke, and Harper Collins Canada for The Chaos of Stars!
Thank you Candlewick! (Oh my gosh new Patrick Ness!)

Gifted from The YA Bookcase because of a shipping issue (thank you guys tons, that was so kind).

Aaand the books I've bought recently AKA why I am broke:

Smoke (review book above) is the sequel to Burned, which I read and loved and realized I didn't own! Had to be fixed immediately, and Chapters/Indigo's Buy 3 Get 1 Free promo made that easy! 

So clearly I need to stay away from book stores for a long time because I have a ton of reading material I've amassed over the past while! If I disappear from social media/life for a bit, you know why!


  1. LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS. *dies* *comes back to life* *dies again* Things I am jealous of: The 100, Two Boys Kissing, Perfect Ruin, Sylo. Even though I SHOULD NOT BE, because I was at BEA myself and got lots of things, but I'm a greedy person, so. AMAZING haul!

    1. I died too. I've also been hugging my bookshelf. A lot. The bf just laughs at me. And trust me, I've seen BEA hauls and been all "WHAT? That was there? UGH I WANT." Even though... yeah. Don't need more, clearly. We can be greedy together :)

  2. Those books! So many books! So many books that I know are good, or that are just so pretty! I don't know how to handle all the pretty books! But have fun reading them all!
    My STS

    1. Right? I need to stay out of bookstores for a while now (not going to happen). But yes... pretties... I pet them on occasion. I also feel somewhat overwhelmed when I think about reading them all in the coming months but OH WELL! Thank you, I shall try ;)

  3. OMG! I don't even know where to start commenting. That's seriously like my TBR pile...in a pretty pile. So awesome. I hope you enjoy!!!

    1. Yeah, it's kind of overwhelming because it is basically a giant TBR pile sitting right in front of me. I am excited, though. Thank you! :)


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