Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books By

This week's TTT seemed like a good opportunity to go back and explore my shelves a bit so here are some (not quite accurate but close enough) stats from my bookcases. I've decided to omit my children's books in this count because otherwise Mary Pope Osborne would pretty much dominate (Magic Tree House forever).

#1. Robert Muchamore with 22.
His novels about teen spies - some set in the present day, some in the 1940s - are like my book crack. Fast-paced and exciting, British, so incredibly likeable... I love them.

#2. Cecily von Ziegesar with 17.
Yes, I admit it, I totally got sucked into the Gossip Girl books and I own them all plus the three from her spin-off series The Carlyles. They were just so... dramatic. I couldn't get enough.

#3. (tie) Margaret Peterson Haddix with 10.
I've read her books from around grade 5 or 6 through high school, so is it any wonder I own plenty of them?

#3. (tie) Sara Shepherd with 10.
Yes, much like Gossip Girl, I totally bought into the Pretty Little Liars series.... but only for a while. I may own 10 of the books but I've actually only read 5. They ended up getting to be too much crazy for me and while I thought I'd continue the series (hence my buying them), I found so many books that are more worth my time.

#5. (tie) Ellen Hopkins with 9.
Something about her verse books really pulls me in. Not sure if it's the style or the dark subject matter, but I'm hooked!

#5. (tie) Anthony Horowitz with 9.
More teen spy book crack. While I didn't like his Alex Rider books as much as I like Muchamore's books, they're in the same vein and still totally addictive. High school me read so many of these kinds of books.

#7. (tie) Anna Godbersen with 7.
More book crack, this time with dramatic girls in pretty dresses in the past. Tell me that doesn't sound like the perfect kind of book crack for me!

#7. (tie) Laura Ingalls Wilder with 7.
Okay, so I know I said I'd leave childhood books out but this and the next two are ones that I couldn't in my right mind ignore. I loved these books so much as a kid. They totally made me want to be Laura and live like that myself. Until I remembered all the great things we have now that they didn't. But still, what an escape.

#7. (tie) C.S. Lewis with 7.
I do indeed own all 7 Chronicles of Narnia books, though I don't think I ever finished them all. If memory serves, I stopped partway through either #6 or #7. I guess these might be due for a reread and to finish the series!

#10. J.K. Rowling with 6.
Because duh, Harry Potter. And my pretty Bloomsbury UK/Canada hardbacks, too. But sadly yes, this number is one short because I apparently do not own a copy of The Half-Blood Prince. I was sure I did, but I can't find it. This must be remedied. And shall be.

Plus one that doesn't exactly count but might as well:
Jim Butcher with 15.
These technically aren't my books, they're my dad's. But I have been slowly making my way through them and since they're so readily accessible, I just help myself. So they're close enough to count for this list!


  1. OMG, I love the Luxe books! I don't think I ever finished the series though. You should also try The Flapper Books by Jillian Larkin! So good!
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  2. I've never heard of Robert Muchamore before!

  3. Love C.S. Lewis books. Those Narnia books are keepers. :)

  4. Great list. :) I really need to get more of Sarah Shepherds books. Same with Ellen Hopkins. I have heard a lot about her books, but haven't got around to reading many of them.

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