ReReadathon and Shelf Sweeper Week Two Update

Alas, another week and another disappointment for those of you following my progress. Turns out that despite having the week off work, being at a festival nearly every single day into the night really cuts into my reading time. Plus I took some time to read The Kiss of Deception which, while not on my list, was wonderful. I'm so glad I read it but it took time away from my challenge books.

I did manage to get one more reread in this week, and it was another good one.

It had been too long since I'd read these books so I'm glad to be getting back into that world before Mockingjay Part I comes out in theatres in November.

Hopefully the next three weeks hold lots of reading so I can at least try to come close to meeting my goal for this thing! And kudos to everyone doing better at their goal than I am so far!


  1. I remember that book hurt so much worse when reread than it did the first time around. How is your heart? Feeling bruised?

    1. It did hurt. My poor heart is feeling the pain all over again. And knowing what happens in the rest of the series makes some things that much harder to read. The rest of the series will be a little rough, I predict.


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