Reader/Blogger Wishlist is Coming

Image courtesy of Shae.

Have you ever wanted to talk about the kind of book you're dying to see published? Is there a kind of story you really want to read but it just hasn't come up yet? Reader/Blogger Wishlist might be for you!

A few times a year, agents and editors get together on Twitter for #MSWL, or "Manuscript Wishlist". (The hashtag seems to be in constant casual use, but it's a few times a year that a large number of agents all use it on the same day). They take this time to share with the world the kinds of manuscripts they really want to have pitched to them and submitted to their inboxes. Their tweets range from the general, like "I'm looking for an exciting YA or MG high fantasy" to the very specific, but they all give authors looking to query an idea of which agent or editor may be a good fit for their manuscript.

This summer, Shae (of Shae Has Left the Room) was watching this #MSWL unfold and decided that us readers and bloggers should have a space to chat about the kinds of books we want to see, since we are, after all, the consumers of these books. And thus #RBWL was born.

Next week, on Monday, October 21st, Shae, with the assistance of Gillian (Writer of Wrongs), Molli (Once Upon a Prologue) and I, will be hosting another installment of Reader/Blogger Wishlist and we want you in on it! Using the hashtag #RBWL, tweet anytime after noon EST on Monday about what kinds of books you want to see published. Your tweets can be very general, very specific, or anywhere in between. We'll be sharing what we want to see and we want to know what you want to see. More retellings? More cowboys? More outer space? Let us know! Last time we had some authors take notice and some even let us know that they were writing something similar to something we mentioned we wanted! We're hoping that with even more people participating this time around, we'll have even more ideas floating around and maybe more industry insiders taking notice.

We're really excited about having another opportunity to talk about what kinds of books we're dying to read. We'd love to see you on Twitter on Monday chatting about what books you want!


  1. Shame I missed it.. :( If I did take part I wanted mentioned about that irksome insta-lovel!

    1. Insta-love was definitely mentioned. Hopefully you can take part next time!


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