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Today as part of our Dark Side event, Christianna and I are taking over one another's blogs. So catch me over at her blog while she gives mine a dose of true scary! Welcome, Christianna!

I'm excited to be over here in the Read My Breath Away part of the woods!  I hope Jess and I have gotten you into the Halloween spirit?  I know it's been fun for us so far.

It's a truth that sometimes you don't have time to read a creepy book, but you usually have time to pop in a movie.  I know that as a writer I get some of my biggest inspiration from script writers.  I respect what these guys do and I applaud them as writers and storytellers.

So guess what?  I've compiled a list of movies that are guaranteed to make your blood turn cold, make you jump in your seat and possibly cry into your pillow at night.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.  I for one love to be scared!  For those of you who don't wanna be scared but still wanna watch a creep fest, you should hop over to my blog The White Unicorn.  Jess is over there sharing some tamer movie suggestions for the weekend.  But if you like scary, sit down and get your pen and paper to take these down.

For The Historical Fan:
Have you heard of a guy called Jack the Ripper?  That's what this flick is about.  It's gory and creepy and it's also twisted.  Johnny Depp is a detective and Heather Graham is Mary Kelly.  I've been on the Jack the Ripper tour in London and it's cool to see some of the same places.  Plus, it's Jack the Ripper!

For The Space Traveler:
This movie is in my top 3 favorite flicks ever!  Danny Boyle is one of my favorite directors and this is the movie no one seems to know about.  It'll give you chills and has some of the greatest acting I've ever seen.  It's a star studded cast too.  Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans and more.

For The Zombie Lover:
Wait, another Danny Boyle film?  Yep, he's on here twice!  Part survival story, part commentary on who's more monstrous, brain dead zombies or humans with power this one has a lot to say.  It'll freak you out and make you think!  Plus, Cillian Murphy also makes an appearance again too.

 For The One Who Loves Laughs With Their Screams:
Nothing is as it seems when you go into this one.  Joss Whedon, anyone?  He had a huge role in creating this movie and it shows.  He's also one of my top three screen writers.  This one will have you laughing one second (it is a satire after all) and hiding behind your hands the next.  It's as gory as it is laughable!  Plus, it's got plenty of your Whedon crew favorites!

For The Person Who Likes To Sing Along:
The music is good.  The actors are great.  The blood flows threw the streets.  Almost every word is sung, so if you're not into that, stay away from Tim Burton operetta.  But if you can dig it, this one has the Halloween spirit in spades!

For The Graphic Novel Set:
This one is pretty disturbing.  Okay, really disturbing, but it's also really intriguing.  It's four stories interwoven over one fateful Halloween night.  Things aren't pretty and they're not what you expecting. 

For The Person Who Likes Indie Flicks And Spiritualism:
You've got a star studded cast including Cillian Murphy, Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Olsen.  It's amazing more people don't know about this one.  It's a group of people trying to prove that psychics aren't real and things get really intense quickly.  That being said it's a slow film that begs you to look for the clues yourself before showing you what is really going on!

For The Person Who Loves Retellings:
No matter how many times I see this one, it gives me the creeps and I love it!  The cast is brilliant, the film style is top notch and once again Tim Burton has his hand in this pie.  It's a wonderful freak show!

For The Foreign Film Lover:
"Ils"  (Them in English)
This French film scared the living daylights out of me.  There is no gore, it just messes with your brain and when all is revealed it makes you sick to your stomach.  In a way it's the perfect horror movie.  Plus, even with sub titles it's a really easy movie to watch.

For The Person Who Likes Conspiracy Theories:
I get chills just thinking about this one.  It's another one that messes with your mind.  Things seems so happy, but in actuality it's all a huge mess.  Plus, it's just a beautiful film!

There you have it!  I hope that some of your have found a flick that makes you wanna run out and watch it this weekend.  Pop that popcorn and watch away.  Just don't forget to lock the doors first!  Mahahahahahahahaha!

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  1. OMG!!!! I'm getting freaked out just looking at all those pics. Definitely going to go hunting for The Cabin in the Woods and Trick 'r Treat!


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