Mystery Twitter Theater

Guys. Something seriously twisted is going on. 

Somebody took out beloved blogger Ensconced in Lit yesterday. Like, took out took out. Yeah. And they found her body on Twitter. Crazy, right? This whole competitive blogger thing must really be getting out of hand.

But you know what's even crazier? They think I did it!!! Me! That's nuts! I think they're accusing me because it looks like a major Liars, Inc. prize pack was stolen and they know that I'm a big fangirl of Liars and Paula Stokes... but come on. There's no way it could have been me!

Actually... that's exactly it. There really is no way it could have been me. I totally have an alibi! I mean, no, I don't have anyone super legit who can vouch for me or anything, but I can account for all my time! I got off class at 4 EST and took the bus home, like I always do. There's probably a camera or something that saw me, right? Aren't there cameras everywhere these days? I don't know. Okay, so then I got home by 5 EST, which is 4 CST, which is when their window on Christina's death opens. I was already home! So I ate some food, and then I didn't leave my house again. I was at home watching Netflix all night. ALL. NIGHT. I'm sure I watched until at least 10 CST and then I crashed because I have class so early on Fridays. There. It's all true. There must be someone who can check my browser history or streaming log or something. Because I was just at home, chilling on Netflix. Also, do I seem like the kind of person who would just... do someone in like that? I think you know me better than that.

So I need your help. Will you help prove my innocence? Head over to Paula Stokes's blog for all the information about the crime. If you can figure out who the real killer is and how they did the deed, you'll clear my name and Paula is going to award YOU the super-epic LIARS, INC. prize pack, which includes a hand-painted tote, a signed book, a deluxe swag pack, and additional mystery prizes. Come to think of it, I might just have to do a little investigating myself. After all, that prize pack is kind of to die for.

Or should I say to kill for...

#LoyalLiar out.

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