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I was tagged by Shae from Shae Has Left the Room to take part in this fun little questionnaire type post chain. I like doing things like this because it's fun to get to know other bloggers and to share a bit about myself as well! So thanks, Shae!

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their website.
2. Post the award’s logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions you have been asked.
4. Nominate ten other bloggers and ask them ten other questions.

Shae's Questions For Me:

1. What’s your favorite age category and genre?
Age category, YA, of course. Genre... historical fiction is #1, forever and always. Fantasy is way up there too, though, despite the fact that I am kind of behind on my YA fantasy right now.

2. If you could erase your memory and read one book again for the first time, which book would it be?
Can "one book" be stretched a little? Because I'm torn between the entire Harry Potter series (yes that is a valid answer), the Chaos Walking trilogy (Patrick Ness), and Code Name Verity (Elizabeth Wein). I would love to relive my first experience with all of those. 

3. If you could physically force everyone on Earth to read one book, what would it be?
Nnnnnggghhhhh that's so hard. Ummmm. Okay, I'll go with the first one that felt right to me: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I think it's a very specific book but with a lot of universality in it and it's just really well written. 

4. What was your nonfiction reading obsession as a kid?
History. All things history. Princesses? Heck yes. Ancient societies? Gimmie. Jack the Ripper and other creepy or weird historical mysteries? Dude, yes. 
And mythology? Don't even get me started on my mythology obsession. I literally once in elementary school did an entire project on Ancient Egyptian mythology and its primary gods and goddesses FOR FUN. I was that kid that sat in the library during lunch for a week straight making a poster and reading books on Isis and Ra and Set and Ancient Egyptian culture. JUST. FOR. FUN.

5. If you could live (not visit, LIVE) in any other country except for the one you live in now, which country would it be and why?
More specifically, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh. 100%. It's my favourite city in the world. It is beautiful and charming. It feels like a small town -- you can basically walk anywhere in the whole city without too much effort -- but it has everything you need. Everywhere you go there is incredible old-world charm and architecture that makes me feel like I'm living in a historical fiction novel (which, if you know me, is MY FAVOURITE THING). The apartment I stayed in when I visited in May had a view of Edinburgh Castle out the window. I COULD SEE THE CASTLE ON THE CLIFF FROM MY WINDOW. Talk about a view. I was steps away from all kinds of restaurants and bars and shopping AND from gorgeous gardens. There are all kinds of awesome (free) museums to visit, big and small. Walking the Royal Mile (from the castle to Holyroodhouse Palace, the royal residence in Scotland) has so many cute shops to visit. AND THEY MAKE AMAZING MACARONI AND CHEESE PIE. That's right. Mac and cheese pie is a THING there. A delicious thing that I had multiple times for lunch. (Seriously, if you visit let me know and I'll tell you where to go for amazing ones). It's a train ride away from England. It's an easy enough plane ride away from the rest of Europe. Basically, it's perfect.
If I didn't have my dream career to think about, I would be moving there the second I graduated.

6. If you could meet one LIVING author, who would you choose?
The Queen. 

(JK Rowling, duh). (Maybe I'll meet her when I move to Edinburgh hahaha oh I wish).

7. If you could meet one DEAD author, who would you choose?
Hmm. I'm kind of tempted to say the Bard (Shakespeare) (I know, I know, playwright and poet, not really an "author" - whatever) so that I can be the one to know the real answer to all that speculation over whether or not he actually wrote his plays/all his works/whatever people question. Also I'd love to hear him read some of his work aloud so I can hear how it actually would have sounded back then because there's a lot of talk about how the accent has evolved and changed since his time. Plus I think it'd get such a laugh out of him if I told him how people today (especially teens, it seems) compare their love to Romeo and Juliet's. Those poor, unfortunate souls. 

8. If you could make one (ONE!) book boyfriend real, who would it be?
ONE? SHAE. YOU KNEW THIS QUESTION WOULD BE TORTURE. How am I possibly going to pick JUST ONE? Guyliner? Micah? Or maybe Daniel or Roar or Perry in anticipation of all the wonderful I know is coming when I read the rest of those two trilogies? (Oh yes, I have heard things). Duval? Beast? OR WHAT ABOUT DRILL? And that's just scratching the surface!

9. Name one weird and/or random thing that can be found in your room.
Oh, there are plenty: Girl Guide cookies. Pieces from an Arthur board game. A homemade Harry Potter Monopoly board. At least 30 pairs of shoes. Packing envelopes. A wooden board that I kicked in half back when I took Tae Kwon Do. And that's just a sampling. Gives you an idea of the state my room is in.

10. Describe an instance in which you were a reading/blogging black sheep.
Ooh. Well one in which I wasn't necessarily a black sheep with the entire blogging community (mostly because I haven't opened myself up to those opportunities yet... I haven't read your Rainbow Rowells or your Richelle Meads or your what-have-yous largely because I'm worried I won't enjoy them), I was kind of a black sheep amongst some blogging friends earlier this year/late last year. It seemed like a lot of bloggers I know read Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd (follow-up to The Madman's Daughter) and it was basically snarkbait for them because they came to despise the main character so much, largely due to her choices and the love triangle. I, while not actually a fan of the "love" triangle (love? Really? Ehhhhhh), do understand why it is the way it is, and I think that the main character made a lot of decisions that were true to her character. Bad decisions, absolutely. I yelled at her throughout the book too. But I also thought they fell very much in character with what I knew of her. Just because I don't think she's making good decisions doesn't mean they weren't valid decisions to her (even if that does reflect poorly on her intellect/decision making skills).

Whoo! Thanks again, Shae! That was fun, if not always easy! I'm going to be a terrible person and come back to the "tag and ask questions" part because currently I am absolutely drowning in final papers and exams for university and I shouldn't have even taken the time out to answer these questions but I really needed a break and I was starting to feel guilty about marathoning Full House. But I will return to this and tag some lovely bloggers just as soon as I feel like I can spare some brain power again!

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