Back In the Game... and With a New Look!

It's officially September (how?!), which means it's time for me to step up my game on the blogging front once again. This summer was pretty crazy for me but I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. 

What makes me even more excited about really coming back to blogging, though, is my brand new blog design! Take a look around! Pretty, right? I love the more streamlined look that still keeps the essence of what I had before. And the purple. I love the purple. 

My design was done by the wonderful Hazel of Stay Bookish. Hazel was amazing to work with. She was patient with all my questions and requests (and with the ordeal of me trying to pick a font for my header!) and eager to make my vision for my blog a reality. She also came up with some fabulous little details that I never would have thought of on my own but which I absolutely love. Like the design behind the date stamps and the social media icons? Gorgeous. I'm so, so pleased with what she put together and I'm incredibly glad that I picked her to give my little slice of internet a facelift. Thank you, Hazel! 

So between my fantastic new design, reviews for some amazing books coming up soon, and a fun feature to plan for, I'm hoping jumping back into blogging with both feet will be fun for me and for you! 


  1. OOOOOOOOOOH! I love the header! And the color scheme is so peaceful!

    1. Thanks so much, Shae! I'm glad you love it too! I'm very pleased with the calmer colours and the new header.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Christa! So happy to hear it :)


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