I Need a Book Binge!

There are so many series that I have been meaning to read that I just haven't had the chance to. Either I was late to the party and haven't been able to catch up, or I have been collecting the books from the beginning but they kept getting pushed down the TBR as ARCs and whatnot came in. I'm going to blame it partially on school and the way it restricts my reading time.

BUT I am currently off school. That means this summer it is time for a book binge! I want to read a whole series that I haven't yet started and just get all the feels from reading the books one right after another. 

However, for all the series that I'm considering, I own the first two (or one if it's a duology), but I don't own the last book. The finale -- that's all I need to be able to binge read (and tweet about and review) these series. Which means I need your help. Since I'll have to pick up the last book to whichever trilogy/duology I binge, I need to know it's going to be worth it. So I'm going to lay out my choices and you are going to tell me which series are worth completing to binge this summer! 

I'm thinking I want to tackle one trilogy and one duology, at least to start. If I make time, I'll do even more! Here are my options (listing the last book, the one I don't yet have). I have lots of options, so be prepared to make decisions and give opinions!


Veronica Rossi
Into the Still Blue

Jessica Spotswood

Leigh Bardugo

Rae Carson

Emmy Laybourne
Savage Drift

Josephine Angelini

Anna Carey

Kiera Cass
The One

Joelle Charbonneau
Gabrielle Zevin


Demitria Lunetta
In the End

Kasie West

Gayle Forman
Just One Year
Alex London

Lindsay Ribar
The Fourth Wish
Leah Cypess

So what do you think? Any here that you absolutely love and are shocked and disappointed I haven't started yet? Which finales should I get my hands on so I can binge the series?


  1. Yes! I can relate to this. I have a reading journal where I track series. I have tons of them and tons more that I want to start. It is harder when you come in late, but it is nice that you don't have to wait for the next to be released. It is hard to keep up when there are constantly new series being released that I want to start.
    Best of luck with that summer book binge. I look forward to your posts. Following you on Feedly.
    -Flirting with Fiction

  2. Jessica Spotswood and Leigh Bardugo's series are excellent. I highly recommend them. There's quite a few on here I haven't read either - including Girl of Fire and Thorns, Proxy. Just One Day, In the After and The Testing - so if you read binge read one of those I may join you!

  3. Holy cow. Binge Bardugo and Carson STAT and thank me later.

  4. You must read Monument 14 and Pivot Point! Those series are both EXCELLENT!!

  5. I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS. I am in *love* with Lindsay Ribar's duology and basically need everyone on earth to read it. THAT INCLUDES YOU. DO IT, PLEASE.

  6. I feel like you have to read Rae Carson's books and Gayle Forman! Seriously love both of those to pieces! But I'm sure the others are great/I know some of the others are great. Tweet me if you want more info!

  7. I vote for Pivot Point!!!! It's a must. Monument 14 and The Testing are good picks too.


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