Vacation Hiatus

Tomorrow, I leave for a vacation. I am crazy excited, because VACATION. I'm even going overseas! For most of May I'll be over in the UK enjoying all things British and Scottish.

(Hermione is excited for me)

So what does that mean for the blog? Well, aside from a couple of scheduled things (like the Art of Lainey blog tour and a special Spring Fling blog event stop), the blog is going to be on hiatus. I want to be able to completely enjoy everything about being overseas without worrying about keeping the blog up and posting content and all that jazz. I'll probably still be on Twitter sometimes, checking in on all the wonderful bookish happenings and my lovely bookish friends. But the blog itself will be quiet.

So I'll be back in June. Until then, have a great month! If you're going to BEA, have loads of fun! If you're not, find something awesome to do and enjoy the heck out of it! I'll see you when I'm back. 


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