Blog Tour: Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green

Today I am very excited to be part of Paper Lantern Lit's blog tour for Jacqueline Green's Truth or Dare. All the bloggers taking part in the tour were emailed a truth and a dare to complete, so my confessions and dare-completing abilities are what await you in this post. My review for Truth or Dare will be coming up soon.

I'll start with my truth, which was:
What was the first book that made you ugly-cry?

WELL. I have been a reader all my life, so it probably comes as no surprise that I've cried over my fair share of books. The first I remember crying over was the Bambi picture book when Bambi's mother dies. I'd seen the movie; I knew it was coming. Still gets you right in the feels, though.

Since then, I've cried over many books. I've cried over books like Bridge to Terabithia, and Forever by Judy Blume, but they were not the first to make me ugly cry. No, the book that holds that title is probably the last one you'd imagine and, quite frankly, is very embarrassing (I don't know how Adam knew that this was the truth to give me, but good on you).

Here goes... the first book that made me really, genuinely ugly cry was...
Maine Squeeze by Catherine Clark.
I know exactly what you're thinking: THAT light, cheesy teen romance made you ugly cry, Jessica? Who ARE you?

Well, let me try to justify this a bit. It was very late at night and little pre-teen me should not have still been up reading. This means overtired and therefore more emotional. Pre-teen me was also very involved in love lives; not so much my own at that point, but my friends always came to me for advice and for help solving their love problems. I still genuinely believed in true, adorable love, but all the crazy pre-teen "love" drama my friends were dealing with had me growing more and more skeptical every day.

So along comes this book, late at night, and, as so often happens in these books, the main character has just determined that the love interest doesn't care a bit about her so she turns her back on any relationship they may have. That made me sad. What made me ugly cry was the big, ridiculous romantic gesture the love interest does for the mc to make her see his love. I read that scene and I lost it. I started bawling (as silently as possible, of course, because it was so far past bedtime) and when I saw myself in the mirror I was horrified at my reflection. All over some ridiculous, cheesy teen romance novel.

Now, moving along quickly to my dare to escape further embarrassment...

I've been hiding something from you all. For the past little bit I have held a secret identity. Can you guess?

That's right, I am the Anonymous PLL Dare Master.

Here was the dare, word-for-word: I dare you to create a twitter for an Anonymous Darer and tweet at the other Preferred Bloggers.

I was provided with a list of the other bloggers (here, if you want to follow them... also this list didn't have Nikki on it when I got it... sorry Nikki I still love you!), and off I went.

Bloggers were warned of my presence:

Every blogger got an intro tweet. (Yeah, I tweeted at myself, too. Had to keep up the illusion!)
Big thanks to these awesome people for the shoutouts!

So I tweeted dares. A lot of the bloggers played along but they somehow escaped the full level of embarrassment I was trying to put them through, so these gals are good! Here is some of the mischief I managed to stir up:

All the bloggers got the same dares. This first one got the most girls completing it.

I agree, books hats are all the rage... clearly I need to raid Jamie's closet (or... bookshelf?)

I sent out a warning that they were hiding from me and Gaby was quick to respond:
And Rachel managed to slide in afterwards:

Then it was time to move onto another dare:
Which I gladly took part in as well (any chance to show some author love... )
Overall quite successful, though not everyone got the "haiku" part ;)
Touché, Anna. That was well done. 

Later dares didn't go over as well. Weekends keep people busy, so I really should have known, but I got some fun responses anyway! 

I think these bloggers take the word "crazy" a little too lightly, don't you? ;)
This was definitely creative, so way to go, Emma!

One of the bloggers noticed that I was definitely turning up the creep factor on this one:

But I promise, I'm not as creepy as this in real life, or on all my personal stuff. I just wanted to see how long I could keep up the mysterious creepy persona. Thanks for playing along, fellow preferred bloggers. I hope I can show you all my friendly, not creepy, real side! I sent out one last dare last night, so go over and check out the @AnonDares twitter account and I'll be sure to retweet what I get back from the bloggers!

So that was my truth and dare. Thanks again to PLL for having me take part in the tour! Make sure you check out the book that inspired it all, Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green! And, if you want to check out what the other bloggers were given for this crazy game of truth or dare, follow the tour. Also make sure to go enter Paper Lantern Lit's giveaway for copies of Truth or Dare!

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! You cam up with some very good dares I would say. Oh and Maine Squeeze I read so long ago but now I want to reread it just to see why your pre-teen self was crying so much. ;)

    1. It really was fun, and thank you! I enjoyed doing it. And I think it must have been pre-teen hormones or something because I was bawling over a summery romance... crazy pre-teen me ;)


    Also hiiiiiiiii. *waves*

    1. YES! HI!
      They didn't have you on the list right away so I didn't even realize until too late that I should have been daring you as well. I'M SORRY, NIKKI! *waves*


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