2014 Historic Fiction Challenge

Given my love for historical fiction, it should come as no surprise that one of this year's reading challenges I'm very excited to join is the Historic Fiction Challenge.

Hosted by Marie of Ramblings of a Daydreamer, the Historic Fiction Reading Challenge focuses on, surprise, historical fiction! All the rules and whatnot are on the sign-up page, but basically we just have to read and review historical novels. The level I'm going to try for is Traveling back in time with 13-20 books, though it'd be great to get to 21 and reach Living in the past!

Here are some of the books I'm hoping to read for the challenge. I don't expect to get through all of them because I have a biiiig list, but they're here for guidance and I hope to get through as many as possible.

2014 Releases:

Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman.
Sekret by Lindsay Smith.
A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller.

Going Over by Beth Kephart.
Manor of Secrets by Katherine Longshore.
The Inventor's Secret by Andrea Cremer.

Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd.
A Death-Struck Year by Makiia Lucier.
Born of Deception by Teri Brown.

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.
The Swan Gondola by Timothy Schaffert.
The Shadow Queen by Sandra Gulland.

The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters.
Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley.
Curses and Smoke by Vicky Alvear Shecter.
Maid of Deception by Jennifer McGowan.

Older Releases:

The Wicked and the Just by J. Anderson Coats.
Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen.
Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys.

Dusk by Eve Edwards.
Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson.
The Extra by Kathryn Laskey.

Every Day After by Laura Golden.
Spring Awakening by T.J. Brown.
Burial Rites by Hannah Kent.

Hild by Nicola Griffith.
The Daughters of Mars by Thomas Keneally.
City of Women by David R. Gillham.

So. Lots there, obviously. I really doubt I'll get through all of them, but it's worth a shot and nice to have a list to go from. Am I missing anything obvious that I must read?


  1. I'm so glad you joined the challenge, Jessica! We have a lot of the same books on our lists, and there are a few here I hadn't heard of so I'll have to check them out. Scarlet is one of my favourite books EVER, so I can't wait to see what you think. Looking forward to seeing which of these you choose, and reading your reviews. :-)

    1. Thank you for running it, Marie! It's always fun to find people reading some of the same books so I'll definitely keep an eye out for your reviews! I'm so excited for Scarlet because I've seen SO many blogger friends absolutely adore it. I have a feeling I will too! :)

  2. Can't wait to read A Mad, Wicked Folly!! :) I'm very interested in Hild as well. If you read and love Scarlet (it's AMAZING and so unique!) you'll have to add its sequel Lady Thief to your list! Comes out in February. I'm new to your blog so maybe you've read them but I highly recommend Gilt and Tarnish by Katherine Longshore- really wonderful take on the well-trod Tudor path. The last book in the companion novel trilogy, Brazen, comes out in June. I also loved The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron, definitely worth reading!


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